Reamonn - Tonight

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Em0 Am1 D2 Bm3 C4 Am5 D6 1
Em7 Am8 D9 2She never took the train alone
Bm10 C11 3She hated being on her own
Am12 D13 4She always took me by the hands
B14 Em15 5And say she needs me
7She never wanted love to fail
8she always hoped that it was real
9She'd look me in the eyes
10And say 'believe me'
12And then the night becomes the day
13And there’s nothing left to say
14If there's nothing left to say
15Then something’s wrong
Am16 D17 Bm18 C19 17Oh tonight you killed me with your smile
Am20 D21 B22 18So beautiful and wild so beautiful
Em23 Am24 D25 Bm26 19Oh tonight you killed me with your smile
C27 Am28 B29 Em30 20So beautiful and wild so beautiful and wild
22And as the hands would turn with time
23She'd always say that she was my mine
24She'd turn and lend a smile
25To say that she's gone
27But in a whisper she'd arrive
28And dance into my life
29Like a music melody
30Like a lovers song
B31 Em32 32Through the darkest night
B33 33Comes the brightest light
Em34 34And the light that shines
B35 35Is deep inside
B36 36It's who you are
Em37 Am38 D39 Bm40 C41 Am42 B43 Em44 39So beautiful and wild
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