Prepare for Performance

We have learned basic music theory and how to use myChordBook effectively in previous lessons. However, learning and performing are 2 different concepts and each requires different skills.

When you practice the songs you want to play to your audience and feel comfortable about your playing, you are ready to perform. There are some things to consider before you show up. Here are the steps to get prepared for a performance:

Choose songs

Song selection is the key success factor when performing. You have to consider two factors when selecting songs:

You should choose the songs that you are comfortable playing

This means that choose the songs that you enjoy playing. Generally, songs that you enjoy playing are the ones that you play the best. Performing is a way to show your taste, so do not forget that your selection represents you.

myChordBook enables you to create your playlists (ChordBooks) and use them when performing. You can add songs to your ChordBook from song pages or from other's ChordBooks. You can find many ChordBooks at the Home Screen. In order to navigate to your ChordBook, click on your nick at the top-right of the screen.

You should choose the songs that your audience might like to listen

From the songs you choose, select the ones that your audience might like. Here you might think like, why should I do that? Here is why. Performing is a 2 way relationship. You are playing and your audience is listening. So if one of the 2 is missing, it is not performing. You allocate your time to play the songs you enjoy and your audience does the same thing to listen the songs they enjoy. So, if you do not find enough songs that you and your audience might enjoy together, probably you choose a wrong audience for yourself.

After you add the songs you like to your ChordBook, you can delete some of them. Or you can mark your songs by assigning colors for the ones that should be played to your audience.

Choose the best tone for each song

Probably, you can not play all the songs in your ChordBook from their original tone. You might want to change the tone of a songs to make it easier to play or to make it comfortable with your voice.

On your ChordBook, after you select individual songs, use transpose function to select the most appropriate tone for you. After you select, save your tone preference.

Order and group your songs.

Second most important thing to consider when performing is the order of the songs. For example, if you start with a really high-tempo song and continue with a dramatic, slow song, it will make your audience feel confused. You have to make small changes in terms of tempo and mood. In general, it is a good way to start with low, middle tempo songs and increase the tempo as you go along. Additionally, do not forget that first and the last song you play is the most important ones. First song is the song that your audience listen very carefully and make a judgement about your playing. Last song is the song that you audience will remember more compared to other songs after your performance ends.

In you ChordBook, you can order the songs and group them by assigning colors according to their tempo, mood or difficulty to play.

You can also Print Chord Sheets

If you prefer to use printed sheets instead of your online ChordBook, mychordbook also helps you there. In any song page or any Chord Book, you can print chord sheets.

Prints will be created dynamically according to your selection of:

After printing your songs, you can prepare a folder and arrange your songs.

Be prepared for everything

Okay so our playlist is completely ready. So what is left? We have to be prepared for everything. Prepare yourself a checklist and control it before each performance.

For example, here are some questions to add to your checklist: