What is Capo?

Capo is a device used on neck of stringed instruments to change the string length. When string length is shortened, pitch is raised. It is frequently used in guitar, ukulele,

mandolin and banjo.

Capo is generally used for making instrument playing easier. For example, difficult chords can be converted into easier chords with a capo.

On guitar, when you use capo on a fret, you simply transposing up. When you put your capo on the 1st fret, it means that when you play a chord, it would sound one seminote higher. For example, A​​# (La sharp major) chord is a difficult chord to play. When you put a capo on the 1st string of your guitar, and play A chord instead of A#, you will notice that that they sound THE SAME!

A# la sharp major
(A) A# la sharp major
Note that, when you use Capo feature on myChordBook, active chord symbol (largest chord symbol) does not change. The reason is that even if you press a A# chord with a capo, you get a A​​# chord sound. Therefore, myChordBook displays capo-chord symbol in parenthesis below the original chord.

So the rule ​in order ​to find which chord to play when you use a capo is simple​:​ Just transpose the original chord down for the capo-fret times. Lets make it clear with another example:

Lets play Am chord without a capo, then put capo on the 3rd string. In order to get the same sound we have to transpose-down Am chord 3 times. So, we need to play F#m chord.

Fortunately, you do not have to find the transposed chords when you use a capo on myChordBook. On the guitar options menu you can use Capo Up, Capo Down buttons to easily check the transposed chords. Below, you can try Capo Buttons to check transposed chords of a G (sol major) chord.

G Sol major

Capo Smart

As we said earlier, main advantage of using a capo is to make instrument playing easier. However, you may not find the optimal capo fret that provides the easiest chords. myChordBook also helps you there. There is a button called Capo Smart. When you click on Capo Smart Button on a song, myChordBook analyzes capo positions for all chords in the song and selects the best capo position that provides the easiest playing. Smart Capo checks up to 3rd fret for Freemium Users and up to 7th fret for Premium Users.

Lets try. Go to 3 Doors Down - Here song b​y​ clicking the link and click on Capo Smart button above guitar fingerbaord. You will see that​ the chords will be translated into easier versions.

Original Chords

3 Doors Down - Here original chords:

A#m F# G# C#

Capo Smart Freemium (it checkes capo positions up to 3rd fret)

3 Doors Down - Here Capo Smart chords (capo on 1st fret):

Am F G C

Capo Smart Preemium (it checkes capo positions up to 7th fret)

3 Doors Down - Here Capo Smart chords (capo on 1st fret):

Em C D G

Next we will learn about how to get prepared for a performance.